How Does the Body Regulate High Blood Sugar Levels?

Regulate High Blood Sugar Levels

Sugar is seen as one of the main source of energy for the body, as it is the result of foods processed by the digestive system. Transporting the energy to all tissues and organs is done with the help of insulin. In a nutshell, insulin absorbs the glucose cells and transports them across the body. While the role of the hormone is to fuel muscles, fat tissues and blood cells, there is also a certain amount of sugar that it is stored in the liver. The glucose from the liver is usually processed and transformed into glycogen, which can be used later on.

In general, the pancreas tends to secrete small amounts of insulin into the bloodstream all the time. However, since this hormone is the body’s response to high glycemia, after meals the amount produced is considerably higher. Because the insulin is dependent on sugar, it is only normal that the levels the hormone found in the bloodstream to decrease, as the sugar level drop.

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