Cancer is a major killer world-wide. The Curie Institute is a French cancer institute with a global reputation as a leader in the fields of cancer research, treatment and teaching. Developed out of the Curie Foundation, itself created in 1920 by Nobel Prize-winner Marie Curie, the Paris-based Institut Curie is now a leading provider of breast cancer care in France. Breast cancer is one of the institute’s main areas of expertise, which is particularly-known for its innovative approach to care management and surgery, including the use of hypnosis in mastectomy procedures.
In addition to breast cancer, the Curie Institute tackles a very wide range of other cancers:



  • Eye tumours
  • pediatric cancers
  • skin cancers
  • lung cancer
  • cancers of the digestive system
  • prostate cancer
  • gynaecological cancers 

    The Institute actually comprises two separate hospitals and three research establishments on separate sites in the Greater Paris area, including a proton therapy centre, one of only a few such facilities in western Europe. Such cutting-edge technology characterizes the Institut Curie, with the very latest advances in cellular imaging, genomics, bioinformatics and proteomics all being harnessed to help in the fight against cancer.A world-class teaching establishment helping beat cancer across the globe
    Cancer outcomes are extremely variable depending on which country patients are born in. The Institut Curie is playing a key role in improving those outcomes with its training program, open to masters, PhD and post-doctoral students. Medical students are also welcome. Each year, hundreds of students from all over the world come to Paris. A total of 60 different nationalities are represented amongst this intake. The vision of the Institut is that many of these will return home and help disseminate the Institute’s expertise and innovations in their own countries.If you are interested in finding out where support for this French cancer foundation comes from, there is a breakdown of its funding on the Institut Curie website. Currently, 13% of its funds are sourced from public donations.


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