Everything you need to know about the Institut Curie

Cancer is a major killer world-wide. The Curie Institute is a French cancer institute with a global reputation as a leader in the fields of cancer research, treatment and teaching. Developed out of the Curie Foundation, itself created in 1920 […]

Juvenile diabetes


People who suffer from diabetes need to take insulin injections everyday. They have to be aware of the complications if they fail to apply their routine in controlling their blood sugar. Constant consciousness and willpower on deciding what they do […]

What is diabetes ?


Considering that the causes of this condition are not completely clear for the medical world, it is only fair that a person experiencing sign and symptoms of the illness is asking himself “What is diabetes?” The short answer to this […]

Signs of diabetes

Signs of diabetes

The importance of Visiting a Doctor at the First Signs of Diabetes Whenever a person experiences the aforementioned symptoms of diabetes along with increased appetite and tiredness, then it is essential that he visits the doctor for a diagnosis. In […]

A few Tips on Lowering the Blood Sugar Levels

Lowering the Blood Sugar Levels

If the body is unable to regulate the glucose levels in the next two or three hours after a meal, then that person starts to display symptoms of diabetes and is diagnosed as diabetic. The simplest test to detect diabetes […]

How Does the Body Regulate High Blood Sugar Levels?

Regulate High Blood Sugar Levels

Sugar is seen as one of the main source of energy for the body, as it is the result of foods processed by the digestive system. Transporting the energy to all tissues and organs is done with the help of […]

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

As the name suggests, the gestational diabetes is a specific condition of women that develop this condition while they are with child. The main problem with this type of diabetes is that, more often than not, the first symptoms of […]

Borderline Diabetes

borderline diabetes

The borderline diabetes is most common across the United States and it is the result of bad eating habits and a sedentary life. In general, the condition is difficult to diagnose as the glucose levels after eating are between 100 […]

The Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2

The Number One Myth on Diabetes Type 2: No Sugar Because sometimes diabetes type 2 is dubbed sugar diabetes, most people automatically think that the sugar is the main responsible for the development of the illnesses. Moreover, since it is […]

The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes Type II

Symptoms of Diabetes Type II

The symptoms of Diabetes Type II can be easily confused with the hectic and alert lifestyles people have nowadays. More often than not, people find out that they are suffering from this type of diabetes over the regular medical checkups. […]