Gestational Diabetes

Gestational DiabetesAs the name suggests, the gestational diabetes is a specific condition of women that develop this condition while they are with child. The main problem with this type of diabetes is that, more often than not, the first symptoms of diabetes appear during the third semester of pregnancy. However, once she delivers the baby, all traces of the illness will be gone. A further piece of good news is that this condition usually affects a low percentage of pregnant women and it is completely treatable.

In order to prevent the gestational diabetes, women need to be tested regularly starting with the 28 week of pregnancy. In the United States, all expecting mothers are asked to take a one hour test and, if the results are inconclusive or there are signs of diabetes, then they will have to undergo a three-hour test for concise results. Usually, the females that have the condition were already predisposed or very like to get develop signs of diabetes during pregnancy. Women that are interested in learning more about what is diabetes during pregnancy and the risks it involves are highly advised to discuss this with their gynecologist.