The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes Type II

 Symptoms of Diabetes Type II The symptoms of Diabetes Type II can be easily confused with the hectic and alert lifestyles people have nowadays. More often than not, people find out that they are suffering from this type of diabetes over the regular medical checkups. Perhaps this is a cause why about six million Americans are unaware that they have this condition, as well. One should take note that although type II diabetes is not dependant on insulin, ignoring the condition can lead to blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage. Therefore, following a treatment is very important.

One of the reasons why this form of diabetes is quite hard to detect resides from the fact that it presents minor symptoms that do not aggravate over extensive periods. Besides the thirst, hunger, tiredness and polyuria, one of the distinctive symptoms of diabetes type 2 also includes itching in the genital area. Another sign of diabetes is when the wounds, bruises, cuts or scratches take very long before they heal completely.

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