the Symptoms of Diabetes Type I

Symptomes of Diabetes Type I

In general, developing diabetes type I can happen over a rather short period and the medical world has been unable to find a prevention method so far. This form of diabetes implies serious imbalances of glycemia in the blood stream, inequities that reside from the body’s incapacity to absorb insulin properly. Although it is commonly diagnosed during childhood and it is also known as juvenile diabetes, people should keep in mind that this not always a rule written in stone. Since before diagnosis most people feel completely healthy and in shape, in some cases its symptoms can be confused with the diabetes type 2.

Besides the aforementioned major symptoms, another sign associated with type I diabetes is lack of energy. The problem with constant tiredness is that, even though it is one of the first symptoms to appear due to problematic blood sugar levels, it is also the first one to be ignored by diabetes suspects. The further sign that accompanies diabetes type I results from the increased thirst. Because the fluids are diverted from all parts of the body, including the eyes, one should expect to experience episodes of blurred vision. Lastly, even though that person starts eating and drinking more than usual, it seems that he is losing weight.

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